Spray lotion:

Tick repellent formulation based on 100% natural essential oils.

  • Up to 4 hours of protection.
  • Made from neem, tea tree and rosemary essential oils extracts.
  • Non-toxic, non-biocidal
  • 100% natural and paraben-free
  • Can be used in children older than 3 years old
  • Works against ticks and nymphs
  • No intolerance to N-ticks® formulation have been reported, it doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Proven effectiveness according to clinic trials conducted by the University of Veracruz (Mexico) «Bioassays on ticks»

Instructions for use:  To repel ticks apply the barrier lotion N-ticks® on parts of the body that are not covered. Recommended usage when outdoors, especially in risk areas, such as forest and fields where these ectoparasites proliferate. Repeat is use after four hours for better results.


The ticks are blood-feeding parasites that are often found in tall grass, where they wait a potential host.

The tick detects heat and carbon dioxide emissions from a nearby animal or human being and it attaches itself to its host inserting its teeth.

The ticks can be found in most wooded regions, are very common in areas where deer lives.

These are especially abundant in areas near to water sources, where animals come down to drink and in grasslands where bushes provide protection.

N-ticks® aromatherapy (formulation based on natural essential oils that works releasing an aroma that repels parasites) offers a natural, effective, and safe alternative to chemical repellents (biocides as in DEET), but without the side effects on your health or nature.

Within the natural essential oils properties that we use in N-ticks® we must take into account the parasitifuge and parasiticide actions that will serve us as a repellent and make it a highly effective treatment.

The biochemical families responsible for these actions and which are found in different percentages in the essential oils are: phenols, terpenic oxides, ketones and sesquiterpene lactones.

In the formulation of N-ticks® the following essential oils stand out: mint, lavender, tea tree, citronelle, neem, rosemary and fennel, which contain the above-mentioned biochemical groups.

The specific formulation of N-ticks® based on 100% natural oils manages to interact in the respiratory system of the parasite.



It comes from a tree originally from southern Mexico, very appreciate in ayurvedic medicine for its many benefits. It has an insecticide and repellent effect to fight ticks naturally and healthy. The neem oil has triterpenoids (called more specifically limonoids) and from these the most important is azadirachtin. The neem oil extract is known for the following benefits: interrupts or inhibits the development of eggs, larva and pupae; repels larva and adults; deters insects from feeding.

Melaleuca essential oil in the pharmaceutical bottle with twigs. Isolated on white background.

The tea tree is the natural solution that drive immediately ticks away and prevent future outbreaks of ticks.


They work as natural repellent due to its aroma is unbearable for ticks and makes them desist from «landing». Its fresh and pleasant fragrance makes them an excellent habit of hygiene and preventive method for every day. The lavender essential oil is a safe, natural and effective alternative to toxic chemical insecticides. In N-ticks® we combine other oils as rosemary, Tea tree that helps to enhance the lavender effect.


A controlled immersion test of tick larva was carried out, where dilutions of the solutions were made to check the efficiency and the result was that N-ticks® has a 100% efficiency, as shown on the following graphic and the result chart.



What happens if the use of N-tick® is discontinued?

Absolutely nothing. You just stop being protected.

Is there anything else that must be done to prevent ticks?

Is you walk or hike, take steps to avoid tick bites such as:

– Wear light-colored clothing so if ticks stick to you, you can detect them and remove them.
– Wear long-sleeves clothing and long pants with the bottom part tucked into your socks.
– Spray the exposed skin and clothing with N-ticks® repellent. Follow the directions on the package.
– After returning home, remove your clothes and thoroughly observe all skin surfaces, including your scalp. Take a shower as soon as possible to remove any ticks that you didn’t see.

Why the aroma is so intense?

It is necessary for being effective. It is important that at the beginning of the treatment the aroma is intense, since it is very unpleasant for ticks. As the days go by, the aroma become milder.

How does the N-tick® protect me?

N-ticks® creates a layer of aromatherapy around the skin with a fragrance unbearable for ticks.

Does N-ticks® kill ticks and nits?

N-ticks® DON’T kill ticks, it only repels and drive them away.

Can I shower when using N-ticks®?

It is not convenient since the protecting efficacy is lose.

The N-ticks® components cause allergies?

They can hardly cause allergies, are 100% natural oils and totally bearable by the human body.

From what age is the use of N-ticks® recommended?

It is not recommended for children under 3 years old, however, it doesn’t cause unfavorable reactions.

Where can I buy N-ticks®?

In drugstores and specialized stores.



It is an infection caused by the spirochete bacteria Borrelia Burgdorteri and it is transmitted to humans through the bite of blacklegged ticks.

Its reservoirs (the habitat where the agent lives, grows and multiplies) are mainly mammals like rats, mice, squirrels, deer and others.

Currently the occurrence of this disease has increased and it is the most frequent zoonotic disease in Europe, United Kingdom and North America.

Ticks have three stages of development, larva, nymph and adult. Being the nymph the main vector and risk factor of transmission to human being. Once it bites, it attached to the skin, and can be attached during 24 hours or more to transmit the spirochete bacteria.

Usually, the first sign of the disease is through an erythema migrans that occurs around the tick bite. It is 5 cm long as minimum and may spontaneously disappear or be intermittent. Although it is a classic sign, it may not appear in up to 40% of the cases. The erythema is accompanied by asthenia, general discomfort and arthralgia.

Later in a disseminated stage, multiple erythema migrans, acute neurologic, cardiac and joint manifestations can occur and in its chronic stage there may be neuroborreliosis or persistent arthritis, chronic atrophic acrodermatitis or even death and given that its clinical spectrum is highly variable and affects multiple organs, it is considered a mimic disease and whose diagnosis must be highly accurate because it can be confused with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Crohn’s disease, autism, among others.

This disease mainly attacks farmers, forest workers and researches or students who do field work and is present especially in spring and summer as exposure to outdoors recreational activities increases.

According to data from the European Parliament, between 650’00 and 850’000 cases of Lyme disease were reported in 2018 and it is currently considered the most common zoonotic disease in Europe, a public health problem/ a silent epidemic*.



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